The Full Staff at Physical Therapy Associates in Lubbock, Texas

Our focus on each individual sets our practice apart. We always aim to provide service that is above and beyond your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

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    We strive to provide the gold standard in physical therapy treatment and services, backed by a reputation for patient service.

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    You're Home

    We serve patients from the entire West Texas region and neighboring communities, and believe that our motivation and enthusiasm will be evident on your first visit.

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    Unparalleled Patient Care

    Our people first approach helps us serve our patient’s with respect and dignity

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    We will develop a customized plan of care to help you reach your rehab goals and provide support as you progress.

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    Our staff is diverse in knowledge and training and offers a wide variety of treatment options.

Patient Receiving Physical Therapy in Lubbock, Texas

Our Core Values

Patient Receiving Specialized Physical Therapy
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    People first, patient second

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    Happy people = improved outcomes for everyone

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    Be open to ongoing change and learning

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    Build and foster a positive environment (in all situations)

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    Christ-centered organization

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    Teamwork focused for problem solving and resolution

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    Anticipate challenges and make adjustments

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    Own the patient experience

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    Build open and honest relationships through effective communication

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    Love for people delivered as Physical Therapy

Modern Facilities

Our modern facilities offer the best equipment and environment for your progress. (See our video below to help you get acquainted with where you will receive your therapy.)

In addition, our team stays on top of the latest research to provide you with the best treatment plan to accelerate your care.


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Motion Therapy in Great Facilities at Physical Therapy Associates in Lubbock, Texas

See a Panorama of Our Facilities

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The expert team at Physical Therapy Associates can help you with a wide array of physical therapy and rehabilitative needs.