We help the people of West Texas move and feel better, even if they have failed other treatments, so that they can return to the active lifestyles they love.

Upper Extremity

From wrist pain to shoulder surgery to sports injuries, we treat an array of conditions to help you get back on the golf course or tennis court faster.

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From sports injuries to chronic back pain, we devise treatments to return you to the activities you love.

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Lower Extremity

We provide cutting edge treatments for the hip, knee, foot & ankle injuries to get you back to sports and activities you enjoy.

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General Therapy

We help you prevent falls, get stronger, improve balance, and stay safe in your daily activities.

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The Physical Therapy Staff at Physical Therapy Associates

What Patients Say

“My experience at PTA has been a positive, super beneficial, wonderful one. I owe it all to my caring, experienced therapist Burt. He knew exactly when to push me and was always encouraging. I especially liked the manual manipulation which always made me feel the progress. I am almost back to normal and I am able to return to the gym and lift weights which I certainly couldn’t do when I began therapy. Thank you, thank you, Burt!”

Carol C (Via Direct Communication)

“Lex helped me work through a rather painful knee injury in just four visits, getting it back to 100 percent with no limitations, popping, swelling or soreness. Three weeks after concluding therapy was able to run a sub-3 hour marathon with a top 20 finish. Thanks to his work, the injury didn't bother me once during the 26 miles and wasn't sore/aching after. Was thrilled to be able to find such a knowledgeable, professional clinic. It is definitely the go-to place in Lubbock!”

Michael M (Via Facebook, May 2017)

“I had such a difficult recovery from my knee replacement surgery. Y'all were so patient with me and eventually got me where I needed to be. Thank you so much for helping me. Y'all are awesome!”

Carla P (Via Facebook, April 2017)

“I had a wonderful experience at PTA, I was sent in for Rotator Cuff tear and Frozen Shoulder. After doing PT with Bert Frank and Crew, I'm free of pain and full motion in my Right Shoulder. This is a good place to go for PT, everyone there are professional in what they do. I would recommend this place to everyone that's needing PT. ”

Benny B (Via Facebook, June 2016)

“If you are needing physical therapy, this is the clinic in Lubbock you need to visit. I underwent a shoulder surgery I thought would take a really long time to bounce back from, but after receiving care here, I was lifting weights and back to my normal life in only 3 months. They are personable, friendly and very professional! I would highly recommend PTA to anyone.”

Lucy W (Via Google Reviews, July 2016)

“Having experience with other clinics, PTA was by far the best. All the therapists and staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgable. Within a few months, a reoccurring injury I had was vastly improved. Would definitely recommend!”

Morgan R (Via Google Reviews, Aug 2016)

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