Physical Therapy Associates has written this guide to help you address pain, recover and return to the activities you love.

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5 Must Ask Questions to Find the Best Solution for Your Pain

What Other People Are Saying About Their Experience With Us

Karen Winkler – 5/3/17
“When I arrived at PT, I was having difficulty with right hamstring, knee, hip, and lower back. Very tight and painful with moderate activity. Weakness in right glute. Working with Lex, I have greatly improved in releasing my tight hamstring and strengthening my glute. Lex has also identified some of my mis-alignment in movement and strengthened my knee to help with this. I am able to play a full set of tennis without tightening up and my pain has greatly”

Jennifer Owen – 7/18/16
“My elbow pain was so severe that I thought I was going to either have to have surgery or take a significant amount of time off from work.
After working with Lex for several weeks, my pain has improved 95%! I have been able to continue working did now have the skills to prevent this from happening again. I will miss the wonderful people here, but I am so thankful to be healed!”

Mary Franklin – 2/11/16
“My experience was pretty great here. I mean, before I couldn’t even walk and now I just finished running! I can really tell that my hip is a lot stronger now than it ever was before, even before I had surgery. I can now walk, stand for long periods of time, and do other physical activities with no pain whatsoever.”

Susan Urban – 3/11/15
“I came to PTA with severe tension headaches due to spasms in my neck muscles (right side) and weak shoulder muscles. After 8 sessions, I have seen significant improvement. Lex was very knowledgeable about my condition. I was impressed with his understanding of the problem that I had and the way in which he gradually introduced exercises that helped to improve my condition. He was also great at explaining the condition so that I understood the problem. I have been completely satisfied with my experience at PTA.”