Physical Therapy Associates has written this guide to help you address pain, recover and return to the activities you love.

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7 Simple Strategies to Address and Prevent Elbow Pain! and Return to More Comfortable Living

What Other People Are Saying About Their Experience With Us

Jennifer Owen 7/18/16
“My elbow pain was so severe that I thought I was going to either have to have surgery or take a significant amount of time off from work.
After working with Lex for several weeks, my pain has improved 95%! I have been able to continue working did now have the skills to prevent this from happening again.
I will miss the wonderful people here, but I am so thankful to be healed!”

Larry Redwine – 2/4/16
“Now I can use my arm and elbow a lot more than I could before therapy. I have a lot more range of motion in my shoulder and elbow. I would like to thank everyone here a PTA. Everyone here really cares about you. A special thank-you to Kenny Young, my therapist. It was really a pleasure to work with you.”

Lindsay Ollivant
I love it here! Coming to physical therapy was both fun and helpful. Before I couldn’t fully straighten my arm and now I can and it doesn’t hurt really at all. It only hurts a little when I “go sharp”, where it used to hurt when I was just trying to straighten it. Now, thanks to this place, my elbow is much more mobile than before I came in.