Physical Therapy Associates has written this guide to help you address pain, recover and return to the activities you love.

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7 Simple Strategies for Relieving Hip Pain! and Returning to Activities You Enjoy!

What Other People Are Saying About Their Experience With Us

Mary Franklin – 2/11/16
“My experience was pretty great here. I mean, before I couldn’t even walk and now I just finished running! I can really tell that my hip is a lot stronger now than it ever was before, even before I had surgery. I can now walk, stand for long periods of time, and do other physical activities with no pain whatsoever.”

Margaret McFadyen
“I have enjoyed my first experience of Physical Therapy. Everyone here was very friendly and genuinely concerned about me. I looked forward to all my appointments and left feeling great. I am an 87 year old lady who had broken my femur bone. Thanks to Kenny and his team I am able to drive and walk on my own now.”

Tresa Hawkins – 9-1-16
“My experience here has been the best! Autumn is so good at what she does in PT as well as loving, compassionate, and kind! Love all the assistants as well! Hope they follow their dreams and finish PT school. I am very thankful that God put this place, Autumn, and all of the staff in my life. Definitely wouldn’t be where I am physically today without all of you! Love to all!”

Morgan Richardson
“Not having much success with physical therapy previously, I was reluctant to try a new program at a new clinic. My experience at PTA has been beyond positive. Burt has not only helped me improve physically, but he has helped me regain my confidence to do activities that I had to stop. I had a difficult time working out and I would immediately get nervous with most exercises, fearing I would re-injure myself. I now can do most activities that I could previously, like lifting or playing volleyball without fear of dislocation. I have really enjoyed my time at PTA and I am grateful for the awesome care I received! Thanks Burt!!!”