Physical Therapy Associates has written this guide to help you address pain, recover and return to the activities you love.

Book Cover for 7 Strategies to Address and Prevent Knee Pain by Physical Therapy Associates, LP

7 Strategies to Prevent and Address Knee Pain and return to exercise!

What Other People Are Saying About Their Experience With Us

Karen Winkler – 5/3/17
“When I arrived at PT, I was having difficulty with right hamstring, knee, hip, and lower back. Very tight and painful with moderate activity. Weakness in right glute. Working with Lex, I have greatly improved in releasing my tight hamstring and strengthening my glute. Lex has also identified some of my mis-alignment in movement and strengthened my knee to help with this. I am able to play a full set of tennis without tightening up and my pain has greatly”

Stephen Jones – 7/22/2016
“In March 2016 I had my first knee replacement and was in a lot of pain. The care at PTA changed everything for the good. Kenny and the others that helped really took good care of me, such good care that when I had my second knee replacement in May 2016 I came to PTA straight from the hospital. The progress was amazing, I cannot say enough about Kenny and the others. They are helping, kind, and very knowledgeable. I recommend PTA to everyone I meet who is having similar surgeries. I thank you all and especially Kenny Young.

Alanis Candelaria – 12/16/16
“My experience here was absolutely great! Everybody is so easy to get along with and make the patients feel comfortable. I had difficulty walking normally due to an ACL reconstruction and not having full extension. Now I am able to run for a long period of time without feeling pain. I have also gained a good amount of strength and able to do certain exercises that include balancing and lateral movements. I truly enjoyed coming to PT because of the staff and they made me get my knee to full recovery.”

Sydney Nichols – 9/1/16
“My experience here at Physical Therapy Associates was great. I had a left total knee replacement. My therapist was Autumn. Traci, Maddie, Austin, and Jaron also worked with me. Everyone was always professional, friendly, and knew what they were doing. Autumn started me off with a progression of exercises and machines that challenged me but that I could handle. As the time went by, we would move to harder exercises and machines such as the Shuttle that strengthened my knee. I felt like I reached all of my goals and it prepared me to go back to work with a strong left knee. I walk a lot in my job and I feel that I am ready to go back to work. I was very pleased with my therapy experience.”

Alex Hawthorne
I first started here not knowing what to expect or what was truly wrong. After my initial meeting with Burt, my physical therapist, everything went well from there! After observing my walk, he had me diagnosed and then he did a manipulative technique that totally worked and had me sold on fixing me. After a month of PT with Burt I’m better able to support and balance myself with my leg; plus the pain has greatly subsided. Burt helped me understand my diagnosis and cause for my injury. Thanks again, Burt!