Physical Therapy Associates has written this guide to help you address pain, recover and return to the activities you love.

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3 Primary Causes of Low Back Pain! and Ways to Address It!

What Other People Are Saying About Their Experience With Us

Zachary Nichols – 8/12/16
“When the back problem started in June, I missed a week of work and was unable to sit or bend over. Now, I am able to move better than before the injury and the pain associated with the nerve has almost completely disappeared. I am also more aware of my posture, especially while sitting, which has helped correct this problem. This has been my second time to be a patient here with separate injuries and both times Lex has worked with me. His knowledge and professionalism has helped me return to work and be more aware of my activities on a daily basis in order to be healthier in that aspect.”

Steven Herrera – 6/16/17
“My last appointment with the Doctor I was having issues with walking and sitting. Pretty much everything I did came with pain and discomfort. Since therapy with Kenny I am able to move around easily with much less pain and am even able to play soccer and be more active with my boys. I am finally felling more like before I hurt myself years ago. I was told likely I would need another surgery but thanks to Kenny I am happy to say I can do without it due to my decreased back pain. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE FACING THE POSSIBILITY OF SURGERY. THANKS KENNY!”

Linda Wilcox – 11-16-16
“Awesome! Autumn has changed my outlook. The therapy has made the pain less and less. I’m on my way. I have more knowledge and understanding of the issue I was experiencing. I highly recommend PT
Associates. Autumn was great. Thanks to her I feel much, much better! You really need to come to PT Associates!”

Bret Austin – 10/13/16
“It has been a great experience doing my therapy here. All personnel are extremely friendly and helpful. Autumn’s caring nature and compassion makes it as pleasurable of an experience as therapy can be. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains things so they are easily understandable. God has truly blessed her with her profession, and I know many people will be better because of her.”

Shannon Rockwell – 10/29/15
“I had a great experience here and everyone was very helpful. I use to have difficulty walking because of my knee pain and my hips being so tight, but now I can tell a huge difference in my improvement. I am no longer constantly thinking about the pain I feel in my knees or hips.”

Kathryn Reinhart
“I had a lot of pain when I sat in a chair for more than a couple minutes. I can now sit for multiple hours without a problem. I would get sciatica pretty often, but now I rarely have it. The curvature in my spine seems like it is almost completely gone. I had a great experience here, Burt continued to challenge me as I improved which I feel like helped me get better faster. I feel so good about my PT here that I am coming back for PT for my shoulder.”