Physical Therapy Associates has written this guide to help you address pain, recover and return to the activities you love.

Book Cover Image 7 Simple Strategies to Stop Neck Pain!

7 Simple Strategies to Address and Prevent Neck Pain! and Return to More Comfortable Living!

What Other People Are Saying About Their Experience With Us

Susan Urban – 3/11/15
“I came to PTA with severe tension headaches due to spasms in my neck muscles (right side) and weak shoulder muscles. After 8 sessions, I have seen significant improvement. Lex was very knowledgeable about my condition. I was impressed with his understanding of the problem that I had and the way in which he gradually introduced exercises that helped to improve my condition. He was also great at explaining the condition so that I understood the problem. I have been completely satisfied with my experience at PTA.”

Edna Garrett – 4/26/17
“When I started Physical Therapy my boyfriend and I had been rear-ended by a drunk driver. We both ended up with whiplash. My injury was severe, my range of motion was poor. Kenny and the staff at PTA worked together as a team and 12 sessions later; believe me I’m healed. I am able to drive again, my range of motion is impeccable. Hard to believe, but it is true. God bless Kenny and the staff at PTA, I was in good hands.”

Monica Yett
“Before coming I had extreme tightness in my neck with little movement. It now feels loose and I can move it freely. I had bad posture, which is now much better. T’s and Y’s helped with my strengthening. I had severe upper back pain unexplainable by doctors for 6 years. Burt was able to identify the problem and relieve the pain. My attitude and motivation is now better since the pain is gone. I am back to my normal self and finally feel my real age again.”