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What Other People Are Saying About Their Experience With Us

Karen Winkler – 5/3/17
“When I arrived at PT, I was having difficulty with right hamstring, knee, hip, and lower back. Very tight and painful with moderate activity. Weakness in right glute. Working with Lex, I have greatly improved in releasing my tight hamstring and strengthening my glute. Lex has also identified some of my mis-alignment in movement and strengthened my knee to help with this. I am able to play a full set of tennis without tightening up and my pain has greatly”

Jennifer Owen – 7/18/16
“My elbow pain was so severe that I thought I was going to either have to have surgery or take a significant amount of time off from work.
After working with Lex for several weeks, my pain has improved 95%! I have been able to continue working did now have the skills to prevent this from happening again. I will miss the wonderful people here, but I am so thankful to be healed!”

Mary Franklin – 2/11/16
“My experience was pretty great here. I mean, before I couldn’t even walk and now I just finished running! I can really tell that my hip is a lot stronger now than it ever was before, even before I had surgery. I can now walk, stand for long periods of time, and do other physical activities with no pain whatsoever.”

Susan Urban – 3/11/15
“I came to PTA with severe tension headaches due to spasms in my neck muscles (right side) and weak shoulder muscles. After 8 sessions, I have seen significant improvement. Lex was very knowledgeable about my condition. I was impressed with his understanding of the problem that I had and the way in which he gradually introduced exercises that helped to improve my condition. He was also great at explaining the condition so that I understood the problem. I have been completely satisfied with my experience at PTA.”

"I have had the opportunity to have therapy at other places but Physical Therapy Associates far exceeds the other places I have been. The staff is always friendly and show concern for your well being. When I started therapy after back surgery, my muscles felt very weak and the simplest activity tired me quickly. Burt Frank is an outstanding therapist and worked with me to strengthen my back and core muscles. He always motivated me to exceed my own expectations. I completed therapy this week and my back feels so much stronger. I can do more each day and have more stamina than when I started. Thank you Burt for all your work with me! With work at home I feel I will continue to feel stronger."

Cindy G.

"Wonderful people! They help me feel better and stronger after shoulder surgery. Autumn and Tracy, thank you so much for getting me mobile again. I consider everyone at Physical Therapy Associates a friend. Thank you again so much for your help. I will recommend you guys to everyone."

Ron P.

"This is my first time to have any kind of physical therapy. I was very impressed to see how friendly and how much they care about your specific need and what it takes to get you back to being healthy. I would recommend Physical Therapy Associates to anyone."

Louise B.

"After rotator cuff surgery, I received excellent care from my therapist Lex Gillean. The entire staff from the front desk to my therapist provided the care I needed to recover my strength and range of motion. Thank you Physical Therapy Associates!"

Linda M.

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